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Music Theory Level 3

This course covers the basics of music theory for 3rd grade (or equivalent) students.  This course covers staff & note identification, as well as a review of quarter, half, dotted half, & whole notes and rests.  We also learn about the intervals of a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th. The lesson shows students how to construct a major scale using a pattern of whole and half steps.  We will learn how to build the C, G, and F Major scales and learn about the key signatures in those keys.  We will also cover the concepts of a slur, tie, legato, and staccato.  The ear training in lesson 5 covers rhythmic dictation, identification of a missing note, and identifying steps or skips.  ​​​​​​​Taught by Dr. Kathy Rabago.

This theory course covers all the material needed for the TMTA state theory test for 3rd grade.  The course also covers the materials needed for the National Federation of Music Club's Level 3 Theory Test.

5 main lessons (divided into 15 sub lessons) are included in the course.  Each main lesson contains a 5-10 minute video covering the concepts, as well as downloadable worksheets for students to practice what they learned.  

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Bonus:  Worksheets for each lesson are included in the course.  

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